Jun 29, 2014

Everything You Wanted to Know About Burnout

Everyone has those days: you’re dreading your workout, and when you finally lace up your shoes, your legs might as well be lead. But what it’s happening day after day? You might be experiencing burnout, a usually direct result of overtraining in endurance runners. It’s not surprising really – endurance runners have a tendency to push their body to the limit, often due to a fear of being under-trained and underprepared for their races. Burnout comes in when the body crosses that limit too many times and, along with reduced performance, can manifest itself in weight loss, increased susceptibility to illness, and raised systolic blood pressure, among other things.

The following articles offer great insight on burnout.

Marathon Training “Burnout”: Causes and Remedies 
Delves into additional causes of burnout such as anemia and chronic fatigue and distinguishes between physical and mental burnout and the differing effects of two. Also offers strategies to overcome burnout. 


Running Burnout not Merely Overtraining or “Down”
Emphasizes that burnout reaches beyond overtraining, and often extends to the point of completely ceasing all activity. Includes many tips on overcoming burnout.


Dealing with Runner Burnout 
Blogger Megan Biller of Running Toward the Prize gives a personal perspective on dealing with burnout, which she experienced while simultaneously training for a half marathon PR and full marathon


Competitive Edge Burnout 
Tackles the issue from a parent and/or coach point of view, but is helpful for runners of all ages. Includes burnout warning signs, as well as recognizing when the “fun” line has been crossed. Section for coaches details how to effectively deal with burnt out athletes; much of this information can be applied to how you as an athlete treat yourself.