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This week’s #FeatureFriday is all about the Health tab. We released three changes to the page this week and have one more on the way! Read on for details.

1. Chart Hovertips

Go to the Health tab and mouse over the Training Load chart. You can now see the individual values for Fitness and Fatigue listed with the corresponding workout date. These hovertips are visible for each of the charts on your Health tab.

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post detailing the three ways you can enter your workouts into SportTracks. Now that you’ve added a few workouts, let’s go back to the dashboard for your workout summary.

Once you log few workouts, your dashboard will be rife with stats and information. On the left you will see your most recent workouts listed individually; on the right you will find your workout overview, including total workout time and distance and also those numbers broken down by workout type. These statistics will  be shown up top by week, and below by month.

You can toggle between the time or distance numbers within each section to change out information on the bar graphs below to reflect your selection. Do this by clicking the respective time or distance buttons shown under the week or month headers.

Post author Anna Cleaver 

The kick in swimming – is it necessary for triathlon? What is its function? How much focus should we put on it in training and how can we improve it?

Many triathletes assume the kick is not an important part of their swim stroke. Common reasons given are: a wetsuit makes the kick less important, we are not sprinters, and we want to save our legs for the bike and run.

These are in part valid points, however the kick is still a crucial part to the athlete's stroke and should be incorporated into training. Below I address each of these concerns, and also elaborate on how to improve your kick for triathlon swimming.

1. Does a wetsuit make the kick unnecessary?

A wetsuit absolutely assists in body position. However, a poor kick (or no kick) will bring down the hip position and may cause the body to sway from side to side unnecessarily. A smooth continuous kick will actually assist in elevating the body in the water, wetsuit or no wetsuit. To highlight an extreme example, strapping your feet together would cause your legs to sink, making the swim stroke that much harder.

For today’s post, we’re going back to basics and addressing one of the key components of using SportTracks: adding a workout. This post will hopefully lend some direction to those of you starting out with us and provide refresher to our longtime users. Read on and get tracking.

First Up: Bulk Device Import

Completing a bulk device import will be quicker and easier than adding workouts one by one. Note that this only works with a Garmin watch. For other devices you will need to use the File Import option described further down.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2.  Connect your device. 
  3. Mouse over the Add workout tab in the top right corner and click the second option, Device import. 

Gearing Series Addendum

Thursday, July 31, 2014
by matt shinavar

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Road Cycling
Time Trialing and Triathlon

This is my final post in my blog series on bike gearing. Click on the links provided to access Part 1 or Part 2. Thus far, we’ve discussed very specific examples for gearing – specifically a single-ring gear choice for me on my carbon hard tail to replace my existing 2x10 gearing setup.  That represents the interests of a very small – albeit currently quite hot – market segment.  

Let’s look at a couple other subsets of riding and different gear ratios associated with each subset.  Again, we’ll be using the gear calculators found here 

Winner Vicenzo Nibali pictured with his biggest competitor this race (no one).

If you’ve been on the blog at all in the past month, it's pretty clear we've followed this year’s Tour de France pretty closely. The race ended this past Sunday with Italian cyclist Vicenzo Nibali claiming the coveted maillot jaune.

In case you missed the last week of racing, here are the highlights from Stage 13 on. For coverage of this year’s Stages 1-12, check out our recap Getting Caught Up to Speed.

Stage 13

Nibali extends his overall lead to an impressive three minutes and 39 seconds in this climbing stage, taking over the polka dot jersey while he’s at it.

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This article is the second in a series on bicycle gearing. If you missed out on the first article, it’s highly recommended the series be read in order since this article will pick up in the middle of the discussion from last time; part one may be found here.

I'm reposting the bike diagram found in Part 1. The terms can be confusing and I'm hoping this will help put the post in context.

Last time I promised we would discuss chain ring sizing and close the loop on connecting the physics of gears with the practical application of gearing to a bicycle.



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