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When we opened up our api to partners, we intended it for a whole variety of applications.  This makes today's announcement even more exciting, as we're able to offer our users native GPS tracking on their iPhone, complete with direct export to

iSmoothRun is an amazing iPhone app for runners, cyclists and triathletes.

Developed by athletes, it is designed to cover the needs of the most demanding users. Easy to use yet feature rich, crash proof, with constant development, iSmoothRun offers the most value for money you will ever get by a training device. Coupled with a logging system like, it can offer a complete solution for tracking-coaching-logging all of your training.  



We like iSmoothRun because is does these things nobody else does:

Ellen: The Somewhere-In-Between-er

Over the last 4 days we have shared the stories of 4 different runners in different runners in various phases of their running and marathoning lives. The idea was to demonstrate that running, and more specially the marathon distance, is awesome because the hard work, dedication, discipline, and camaraderie that it inspires are common denominators for all of us who dare to take it on, whether our goal to win the race or just to make it to the finish. Of course we were also hoping to supply our readers with a little motivation and inspiration for any races they might have on calendar or be considering for the future.

Kyle At BostonKyle: The Olympic Trails Hopeful

Salutations, SportsTrackers! Thanks for coming back for Day 4 of our Marathon Motivations blog series! 

Today we will be hearing from my fabulous friend Kyle, who is chasing down some really big and exciting marathon goals!

But First, a Few Words on Why Kyle is Awesome:

Kyle is pretty much the whole package. She super-sweet, she beautiful, and she's wicked fast! I suspect if she was anyone else I might find her perfection to be borderline irritating, by Kyle is just so dang genuine and delightful that I (and everyone else for that matter) just can't help but love her! She and her husband joined our great local running community last summer and getting to know has been such a treat and an inspiration! I'm really excited to share her great story and her marathoning words of wisdom with you today!

Our Marathon Motivation Interview with Kyle:

SportTracks: How many marathons have you completed?

Kyle: I have completed four marathons: Philadelphia 2008 (3:21:35), Boston 2009 (3:13:22) and 2010 (3:03:13), and Chicago 2011 (2:49:14). I shared my times with you to show the progression I made over three years. This is a sport of patience. Running fast does not happen overnight.

Rose: Getting Over the Injury Hump

Rose at Rock 'n Roll RaleighHello again, SportTracks readers! Thanks for coming back for yet another day of our Marathon Motivations blog series! Today is Hump Day, and it seems like as good a time as any to talk about the metaphorical humps, walls, and valleys often encountered by runners along the road to the marathon finish line. Today we will be chatting with Rose, a marathoning hopeful who has faced a few injury road obstacles on her journey to 26.2-ville. Read on to learn more about what Rose has learned from her experience and how she'll be applying these lessons as she keeps moving forward towards that sweet marathon finisher's medal.

Emma:  The First Time Marathoner

Howdy SportTrackers! Thanks for tuning in for our second day of the Marathon Motivations series! Today we will be chatting with Emma, a high school senior, and soon to be first time marathoner who earned a spot in her upcoming race by raising money for charity.

A Few Words on Why Emma is Awesome:

Emma is quite possibly the coolest teenager I've ever met. Ever. She's a great student who recently earned a prestigious Moorehead Scholarship to the University of North Carolina, an amazing big sister to her adoring little brother, and a crazy-fast runner on her high school's track team! And just in case all of that wasn't reason enough for Emma to be awarded Teenager of the Century, she also started her very own non-profit organization as a 6th grader, AND she is about the most delightful company anyone could hope to have as a running buddy! Emma also has a powerful personal connection to last year's Boston Marathon bombings. Read on to get the scoop on her inspiring marathon story!

Paul: The Freshly-Minted Boston Qualifier

Paul and Daisy

April is Marathon Month, and one week from today it culminates with the granddaddy of them all, the Boston Marathon! I, Ellen Moss,SportTracks Social Media Manager and Blogger Extraordinaire, will be toeing the line in 

Hopkinton for my 2nd Boston Marathon, and I seriously could not be more excited about it! I can only imagine that I will be in the company of a few of you SportTracks blog readers on this 26.2 mile jaunt to Boylston Street, and that there are plenty more of you who have conquered or will conquer the glorious marathon distance sometime this month or in the very near future.

 To get us adequately pumped up and inspired for the big day (or in honor of your recent marathon accomplishments), everyday this week SportTracks will be highlighting a different runner and their unique marathon story. I am particularly excited for this blog series because each marathoner/ marathoning hopeful is a friend and inspiration of mine, and can't wait to share all of their great stories with you!

We Are Multisport

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
by Wobbly Wilford

One of the first things I noticed when playing around with was the amount of activities I could enter into their software. I make a point to be active everyday, but am really resistant to doing the same workouts. My attention span is embarrassingly short, and if I have just spent three hours pulling weeds (yes, you can track that too), I am getting credit for it.

If you've followed our recent swimming articles you've seen how SportTracks can show your pool stroke performance recorded by the Garmin Swim and Garmin Forerunner 910XT . There is another watch we support that counts swim strokes: The Suunto Ambit2.

The Ambit is a wonderful watch that has quite a few innovative features not available from Garmin. We were particularly excited to see another watch hit the market that counts pool strokes. So how does the Ambit measure up? Lets take a look.

Swimming with the Ambit2

If you're familiar with pool watches the Ambit works pretty much the same way. Hop in the pool and tell the watch you're doing a pool swim. Start the timer and start swimming. At the end of each interval hit the [LAP] button. At the start of each interval hit the [LAP] button. Get out of the pool and look at your performance on SportTracks. Simple.

Except for one small detail: you need to first train your watch.

Out of the box, the Ambit is not able to tell which strokes you're swimming. As with most modern electronics Suunto has streamlined packaging to be more Apple-like. So it only includes a "quick start" guide with icons and nowhere is this explained or mentioned. You'll have to go online to find the full PDF product manual, and there on page 80-something (of 150+ pages) is instructions on training your watch on pool strokes.

We hosted a live Q&A on March 25th to answer all of your questions about Training Load and Training Plans. If you would like to watch the live broadcast you can find it here! Or, keep reading below for the questions and answers we discussed.

If you have not checked out the three-part blog series explaining Training Load and the model we are using, reading those first will get you up to speed on this SportTracks software improvement:


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