nPower is a variation of Average Power that gives more weight to intense efforts in order to provide a more accurate representation of the physical cost of a workout.

Hard efforts are more physiologically demanding, that’s why giving them more weight when averaging the total power of a workout is useful. For example, a workout in which you maintain 225 watts consistently for 30 minutes isn’t as physically demanding as a workout of the same duration with several intense surges, yet with an overall average power of 225 watts. If you looked at the average power of these two workouts, they would seem equal, but if you looked at the nPower, you could tell that the workout with the surges was more intense.

Find it in SportTracks

To view your nPower, click once on the Total Block for Power at the top of any power-based Workout Detail page:

The circled number in your nPower Total Block is your iFactor (the % of your FTP that you set in your Training Options for Power):

nPower can also be listed as a metric on the SportTracks Workouts page by clicking on the gear icon and adding it:

nPower can also be charted as a metric on the Analysis page: