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Tracking, analysis, sharing and encouragement

Garmin Connect is an online fitness community for tracking workouts from compatible Garmin devices. Enable our sync to Garmin Connect and all of your workouts will automatically appear in SportTracks. Our Garmin sync works with all Garmin GPS models, including the Forerunner 945, Forerunner 245, and the Edge 530.

SportTracks is also integrated with the Garmin Index Smart Scale to wirelessly send weight and other metrics.

Read more about Garmin Connect on their homepage.


The pioneer of wearable sports technology

Polar Flow is a free website where you can log workouts from compatible Polar watches, bike computers, and the free Polar Beat mobile app. Every Polar Flow workout can be automatically uploaded to SportTracks by enabling our integration.

Auto-sync works with all Polar GPS devices, including the Vantage V, Vantage M, V800, M430, and V650 bike computer.

Learn more about Polar Flow on their homepage.


Born in 1936 and still exploring

SportTracks is fully compatible with the Suunto App, as well as the previous Movescount platform. Whether you use an older Ambit device, or a newer watch like the Suunto 3, 5, or 9, all of your workouts can be set to automatically appear in SportTracks. Learn more about our integration with Movescount and the Suunto App.

Read what customers say about the Ambit3 GPS Watch or Ambit2 GPS Watch on

Read more about Suunto on their homepage.


Built-in running power meters in every watch

COROS is a maker of excellent-quality GPS sports watches and other fitness products. When our auto-sync integration is enabled, every workout you complete with a COROS watch will automatically be loaded into SportTracks. Every COROS watch is supported, from the original Pace, to the Vertix and Apex series, and the groundbreaking Pace 2.

Learn more about these watches on the COROS website.


Auto-sync cycling workouts on iPhone and Android

The Wahoo ELEMNT is a bike computer that’s ideal for tracking rides both indoors and out. You can easily enable auto-sync with SportTracks in the ELEMNT app for iPhone and Android, and sync via the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi. SportTracks is integrated into the original ELEMNT, the smaller, more aerodynamic ELEMNT BOLT, and the ELEMNT MINI.

Read more about the ELEMNT on Wahoo's website.


Get the most out of your TomTom GPS watch

Track and view workouts recorded on your TomTom devices. Enable our sync to MySports and all your workouts will automatically appear in SportTracks.

Learn more about TomTom on their website.

Epson Runsense

Aspire to reach a new level of performance

The Epson Runsense GPS watches offer long battery life and impressively accurate GPS mapping. Enable our sync to Epson Runsense and all your workouts will automatically appear in SportTracks.

Learn more about Epson Runsense on their website.


Wireless weight scale

The Withings weight scale reads your weight and percent body fat and wirelessly transmits it to SportTracks when our automatic sync feature is enabled.

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Power-based indoor cycling training software

TrainerRoad will pick up power, heart rate, speed and cadence data while you ride your trainer, turbo or rollers. Combining that data with interval-focused workouts and specialized training plans will make you a stronger cyclist. Enable our sync to TrainerRoad and all your trainer rides will automatically appear in SportTracks.

Read more about TrainerRoad on their homepage.


Keeps your fitness in sync

Tapiriik is a free service that synchronizes your fitness activities between SportTracks and other platforms. It's a great solution if you want to track workouts with mobile fitness apps, and send the data to SportTracks. Your heart rate, cadence, power, and temperature data syncs, too.

Learn more in this blog post, and in Keith Hacks' review or the Tapiriik website.

Genius Wrist

Send custom workouts to your Garmin wirelessly

Genius Wrist makes Garmin Connect IQ apps, and their Workout Builder app is integrated with SportTracks. It enables you to create custom structured workouts in the SportTracks Calendar, and then send them to your Garmin watch wirelessly.

Read more about the Genius Wrist integration in our blog post.

Mobile Apps


Not just another GPS tracker

iSmoothRun is a well-rounded fitness tracking app for iPhone. It has activity modes for running, cycling, walking and more, and unique features like "Ghost Run" where you can run against yourself. It's compatible with hardware sensors like the Stryd running power meter. Workouts from iSmoothRun can be automatically sent to SportTracks.

Read more about iSmoothRun on our blog post or their homepage.


Free workout data manager for iOS

RunGap is a free "workout data manager" app for iPhone. It makes it easy to transfer workouts from other platforms and send them directly to SportsTracks. Your options include: Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, Apple Watch, Endomondo, Nike+, MapMyRun/Bike/Fitness, Strava, Runtastic, SportsTracker, Polar Flow/Personal Trainer, Suunto Movescount, Adidas miCoach, Magellan Active, dailymile, 2PEAK and more.

Read more on the RunGap website.


Optimize, prevent overtraining, and improve

An app for iOS and Android that can measure your HRV (heart rate variability) with the camera on your iPhone, Android phone, or with a Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate monitor. The app provides HRV-based advice for athletes. You can enable our sync feature to automatically send HRV and RHR (resting heart rate) data to your SportTracks Health page.

Read more about HRV4Training on their homepage.


Global leader in Heart Rate Variability

This is a mobile app for iOS or Android that enables you to track your HRV using supported Bluetooth heart rate monitors, or with their dedicated CorSense hardware. You can enable our sync feature to automatically send your HRV data to your SportTracks Health page.

Read more about EliteHRV on their homepage.


Seamlessly sync workouts from Apple Watch

HealthFit is a mobile app for iOS that exports your Apple Watch workouts as FIT files. It features a direct integration that enables you to automatically sync Apple Watch workouts to SportTracks.

Read more about HealthFit on our how to use Apple Watch with SportTracks post.


Statistics for Garmin Connect

Connect Stats is an activity viewer for Garmin Connect. It lets you review your activities, search, analyze, plot and see basic statistics on all your data collected in garmin connect from your iPhone or iPad.

Read more on their homepage.

ANT+ Weight Scale Display

Gets body composition readings from ANT+ weight scales

ANT+ Weight Scale Display is an Android app that enables you to get the readings from ANT+ weight scales directly from your phone or tablet. It works both with built-in ANT+ chip devices and using ANT+ USB sticks with USB On-The-Go capable devices. Readings from this app can be automatically sent to your SportTracks Health page.

Get the ANT+ Weight Scale Display app from Google Play.


ANT+™ Bike Computer

IpBike is a bike computer app primarily designed to be used with ANT+™ sensors on ANT enabled Android smartphones or with a USB ANT stick on a USB Host mode capable phone. Workouts from IpBike can automatically be sent to SportTracks.

Read more about IpBike on our blog or their homepage.

Garmin™ Viewer

Keep all your activities in your pocket.

Do you find it difficult to show friends what rides and routes have you done unless they are at your computer? Now You can download them to your phone and display them at ease.

Read more about Garmin™ Viewer on their homepage.

Windows Apps


Bringing you closer to your bike

PeriPedal was created to improve your indoor cycling training experience. It will keep you entertained, motivated, and improve the results you get from training. PeriPedal can display your power, heart rate, cadence, speed, and muscle oxygenation metrics as you ride. You can automatically send your completed PeriPedal workouts to SportTracks by enabling our integration.

Get more details on the PeriPedal Homepage.