Personal Records

You've never seen a trophy room like this

Celebrate Achievement

See all of your best efforts by sport and season in one place.

Estimate Functional Power

Target planned workouts to your correct power zone intensity by knowing your FTP.

Track Progress Over Time

Our unique PR Timeline feature shows you how a single PR has progressed over time.

The PR Timeline
A SportTracks exclusive

The journey to your current personal record book is a history of incremental improvement. Each year you've become faster - some seasons with more successes than others.

With the PR Timeline you can see a visual history showing the progression of each of your personal records.

How did your 5k time improve over the years? Your half marathon? What years did you see big improvements in your CP20? Get answers with the PR Timeline.

Multi-sport segment bests

Every time you log a new workout in SportTracks we inspect each section for new speed records at various distances. For cyclists that use a power meter we also check to see if you've accomplished any new critical power records.

Click on any PR to jump to that workout with the PR section highlighted, where you can further explore the details of your record breaking run, ride, or swim.

Segment editing features let you exclude "bad" sections from a PR when your GPS or bike sensors misbehave.
View current and historical estimated functional threshold power based on your best efforts.
Got a coach? If you choose, you can give your coach full access to your personal records page.

Month, year, and workout bests

Wondering when your best running year was? Which month you climbed the most elevation? And how much? Our timely personal records section will tell you.

Re-live your past accomplishments by jumping to your workout history with one click.

Explore PRs by sport or season

If you've got more than a few seasons behind you, other apps PR pages may feel like a dusty trophy room that never changes. With SportTracks you can easily filter out older records to zero in on your recent efforts - during this season, or the last few years.

You can also filter by sport to show just your running, cycling, or swimming records.