Efficient analysis and data management

Just The Numbers

View performance data across multiple workouts in an efficient list view.

Fully Customizable

Choose exactly which columns you want to see and in what order - on desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Manage Your Data

Quickly correct or augment your data by doing batch-updates on multiple workouts and fields at once.

More than just a spreadsheet

Sometimes you want a pure view of your data – without distractions. With a familiar spreadsheet presentation, the Workouts view lets you quickly perform all kinds of ad-hoc data analysis.

Data lovers rejoice!

Scan for changes of one metric in a single table column.
Compare various metrics of a single workout across a row.
Correlate performance between two adjacent columns.

Focus in on your history

With other solutions it’s easy to get lost in your data. Our filtering and sorting tools help you quickly answer questions about your history. Zero in on relevant data – even if you’ve got several seasons of workout history.

Filter by name, location, distance, sport type, distance, duration, pace or speed... then sort by one of over 50 columns. Put the data you care about right in view.

Answer sophisticated questions like...

“What were the ten fastest times of my runs at Lake Johnson between 5k and 10k in the last two years?”

Customize for desktop and mobile

Our column customization feature lets you show your data the way you want it. Choose which columns you want to see and what order you want to see them. For numeric columns, you can also pick from 1 of 4 in-cell graphic visualizations.
Maximize real estate. We’ll remember your custom layout for each of your devices. So you can seamlessly transfer from your widescreen 23 inch monitor at the office... to your smartphone at the gym... without a lot of scrolling around or unused “dead” space.

Perform batch data updates easily

Better categorization, fuller descriptions, and richer data means better analysis. That can give you more precise paths to improve your performance. But if you’ve brought over a history of hundreds or thousands of workouts from another solution, data editing might seem intimidating.

Don’t worry, we make it easy.

Add location information, customize your route or event names, update privacy or specify a more detailed sub-sport for multiple workouts at one time. You can even assign gear and add notes with batch updates.