Dec 02, 2015

Analysis View Updates

A huge update full of powerful analysis and customization features

This week we finally release something that has been cooking in development for the past month: a complete, top-to-bottom rewrite of our Analysis page. We’re super excited about this smashing new set of features!

Because this is such a large feature update, we’ve broken this out into three blog posts:

If you want all the details, read these three blog posts and comments entirely. If you want to just jump in and play, head over to your Analysis page and start clicking around.

Release notes

The following list outlines all the features in the new analysis page update:

Streamlined reports management

  • Ad-hoc exploration preferences are stored immediately per browser
  • Save as many reports as you like
  • Clone any report to a new saved report
  • Manage reports (rename, delete)
  • Bookmark report URL

Allow full customization of view

  • Unlimited number of widget rows
  • Up to six widget columns with 11 layouts
  • Full customization of every widget panel (chart type and options)
  • Five widget sizes from tiny to huge

A bunch of new metrics

  • Elevation gain
  • Average heart rate
  • Average cadence
  • Average power
  • nPower
  • iFactor
  • Power variability
  • Aerobic efficiency
  • Average (time | distance | workout count) per (week | month | year)

Some new charts

  • Summary value: A single summarized value
  • Bubble grid: Grouped row/column layout with metric as bubble size and color
  • Scatter plot: X/Y scatter plot of any metrics with series grouping options
  • Bar charts: Metrics grouped by start time (day, week, month, year)
  • Five chart sizes from tiny to huge

The roadmap ahead

Unfortunately, we couldn’t cover everything we wanted in four weeks, but the rewrite has set the foundation for some pretty cool stuff we’ll consider in the future based on your ongoing feedback:

  • Allow filtering by text match (sport, sub-sport, name, location, notes, tags, comments)
  • New widget: “Best” single workout record (fastest, most distance per week/month, most elevation)
  • Line chart: Series by year
  • Line chart: Series by previous period
  • Line chart: Trailing average by arbitrary period size and number (eg 30 days, 4 weeks, etc.)
  • Line chart: Cumulative totals (time, distance, workouts)
  • Line chart: Stack by sport, distance or time bin
  • Bar chart: Stack by sport, distance or time bin
  • Stacked bar and line fill charts by time in heart rate zone
  • Allow rearranging the order of reports
  • Allow report layouts to be set as public and shared with notes & tags
  • Allow searching/browsing the public report gallery

Got an idea not listed here? Let us know in the comments, or submit it at our Idea Page!

That's all for now. ~Enjoy


Just happened to login and currently just getting timed out on the analysis tab ☹

Same here. Can't even see what they look like as it has refused to load.

Tried again and it was fine. :)

That sounds right, see details in the comment below.

Thanks for reporting this.

To update the commenters, we tracked down a bug where some users with lots of workouts (> 200) that bulk loaded from another system may encounter a timeout.

Basically the software sees that all the advanced data metrics haven't been calculated yet, and instead of queuing those up to calculate later it tries to immediately calculate them when the web page is requested.

Well... this can take a long time. For thousands of workouts, sometimes a few minutes.

When it's all done, it works fine since the calculated data is saved, but until then, it just spins.

We're working on a solution, it should be fixed early next week. Thanks for your patience.

This is a very nice update! One thing that I'm still missing though is some sort of hover information so that you can see the actual values for the data points. When you compare e.g. bars or bubbles it would be a very good feature.

Another thing that I would love to see, that I think relates to anaysis, is an ability to export the table on the workouts view to a csv file. That would make the possibilities for analysis endless for all users.