Nov 03, 2016

Coach Client Review

Monitoring recently completed workouts

Last Friday one of our coaches sent us a support question:

I have a lot of athletes and need to quickly review their completed workouts. What’s the best way to do this efficiently without a lot of clicking around?

We thought about this over the weekend, and found an opportunity for a quick feature enhancement to make our coach’s lives easier. Starting this week coaches can now use their workouts page to view all their athletes at one time. If you have a coach account and are coaching athletes, a new filter appears on the workouts page:

By default this filter is set to “My workouts”. Click the “My athletes” button to view all the athletes you are coaching. Each workout will display a photo of the athlete and a helpful hover popup with the name:

Coaches can also click the “Select…” button to select a single athlete to view. If you have private friends (that are not your active clients) you can also filter the workout list by to those connections by clicking “My friends”.

Since this new filter is integrated into the workouts view, you can use all the same powerful sorting, filtering, and table customization tools you’re familiar with. Show just the data you care about, recently finished workouts, or cross compare your athlete’s performance at specific distances to pinpoint who is having trouble.

Looking ahead it makes a lot of sense to add this kind of feature to the calendar, allowing you to see all the athletes that are have planned workouts on a particular day, or focus on key workouts of your entire team in a single glance.

Another great feature that was suggested to us by a user!