Sep 27, 2017

New gear-tracking features!

More ways to analyze gear usage and filter your workouts

Gear tracking has been a part of SportTracks for a long time, but we often add new features to make it even more useful and informative. A bunch of these little updates were released this month, and now we're going to show you how to use them...

Interactive gear history charts

The gear history charts in SportTracks have always been interesting  seeing your usage visualized quickly highlights periods of inactivity, regular use, and surges. With the new update, you can now hover over these charts to see the total usage at exact moments, or click and drag to see the usage during a selected timeframe.

Screenshots of the new gear history charts in SportTracks endurance sports training software

New "Workouts" tab on your gear pages

As you can see in the screenshots above, your gear items have neatly organized tabs for Parts, Notes, History, and Workouts. The Workouts tab is new, and it's exactly what you think it is: it lists every workout you've done with that specific piece of gear.

A screenshot of the new gear workouts tab in SportTracks endurance sports training software

Filter your workouts by gear usage

Your Workout page has a powerful new filter in its menu: Gear! In addition to filtering your workouts by Sport, Pace, Distance, and more, you can now list your activities by the equipment you used to execute them.

Which shoes did you wear in that fast half marathon? Do your swim times differ in your jammers compared to your tri shorts? Answer these questions and plenty more with a few short clicks.

A neon-green colored Asics running shoe against a black background

You can also use the new gear filter on the Workouts page to speed up bulk edits. Forget to add a new tire to a bike? After you add it to your Gear page, simply filter your workouts by the bike frame, then hit the "Select" and "Edit" options in the upper right of the Workouts page to add the new tire to your activities that incuded it.

As always, we hope you like these new, little features, and that they enhance your training and racing in small, yet meaningful ways! 

Article written by Sam Mallery, Director of Marketing, Zone Five Software Inc.


Really good features, and hopefully lay the ground work for connect iq data getting through? I'd love to be able to see the new runscribe plus data being added into the .fit sliced and diced by shoe in sporttracks! :)

Great updates to the gear functionality. One thing I can't seem to find is the ability to easily find workouts to which I forgot to assign gear. This could be done in two ways (and I'd prefer to have both):
1) On the Workouts tab, have the ability to add a column for gear. Then I could very easily see ones that are blank and edit them to add gear. I know this gets tricky since you can assign multiple pieces of gear to a workout, so just put them in a comma separated list in that column.
2) With the newly added Search by, Gear option, add a "none" option to it.

Adding the first suggestion above will make gear consistent with all the other pieces of data you can list on the Workouts tab. Used in combination with the second suggestion, this will also be very useful for another workflow where users always like to assign at least two pieces of gear to certain types of workouts. For instance, for cycling assigning a bike and which bike shoes they used. They could search for just the bike and then look down the gear column to make sure a pair of shoes is always listed along with the bike, and if not, edit those to add the shoes. Without the gear column, there is no way to make sure you have multiple gear assignments to particular workout types without drilling down into each individual workout.
Thanks for your consideration.

Jim, this is a great request. I just added the same request below before reading through the comments and seeing you already made the same one. I strongly prefer option 1 above too.

YES! Thank you! This was one of the last things that was keeping me returning to S3. Wonderful addition to .mobi. Thank you, again.

Great changes, and the continuous release of new functionalities help maintain SportTracks as a user-friendly but complete product.

Thank you very much for these updates - greatly appreciated. I do have a question related to Gear though. How do I find workouts that don't have gear assigned to them? In essence, how do I find running workouts where I forgot to assign gear to?

Would it be possible to view gear usage as "Time Used" as well as "Distance"?
Can be handy for knowing when to service suspension etc

Why is it still impossible to show gear in the workouts page? Having returned from vacation where I used other gear than I normally do and being lazy, I have a number of workouts with the wrong gear. It would be great to be able to see which workouts that I need to edit without going through every one...