Jan 16, 2019

New Feature: Join Workouts!

You can now easily combine two separate workouts as one

We try to give you as much control as possible at SportTracks. You have full control of your privacy, the layout of your pages and charts, and you have deep editing capabilities with workout data. We recently rolled out a feature that enabled you to easily split a workout in two, or to trim the beginning and end. Now we've made it possible to easily join two workouts as one!

At first we thought this would be something you wouldn't need very often. As fate would have it, I had an issue with my watch that made me create three separate workout files for a single swim a day after this feature went live. I needed to join workouts right away!

First I went to my Workouts page and filtered by sport chronologically:

A screenshot of the Workouts page of SportTracks endurance sports training software

You can see the 3 swim workouts at the top from 1/3/19 that were all the same swim. I hit the Select button and put checkmarks beside the first 2 swim workouts (you can only join 2 workouts at a time):

A screenshot of the Workouts page in SportTracks endurance sports training software showing pool workouts

Then I hit the new Join button in the upper left side of the screen and a dialog box opened up to warn me that the change was permanent. I clicked Ok.

A screenshot of SportTracks endurance sports training software showing the Join Workouts dialog box

After that, the two workouts were combined as one. Then I went through this process a second time to join the third workout, and afterward I had a perfect single pool workout:

A screenshot of a swimming workout in SportTracks endurance sports software showing SWOLF, heart rate, stroke rate, and strokes

The new Join Workouts feature is yet another example of a useful utility in SportTracks that you simply won't find on competing platforms. We sincerely hope your training tools operate flawlessly and you never need to use it. But, in the event that your tech gives you trouble, you will have ease of mind knowing that with a few simple clicks your training log will be correct.

Happy training!


This is awesome! I've been relying on 3rd party tools to do this.

Very handy for merging indoor rowing workouts from ErgData into one session with multiple intervals.

A great cross-over from the desktop version of ST’s!