The center of your fitness planning universe

Review Your Progress

Our integrated charts let you quickly review training volume history by sport, week, month and year.

Schedule Your Training

Creating a training plan is easy with our drag-n-drop template tools.

Record Daily Notes

Enrich your fitness log by entering diary notes about injuries or missed workouts.

Welcome to your new training calendar

The Calendar view lets you quickly navigate from week to week, show an entire month of training, or zoom out to look at yearly and seasonal training volume. Get the big picture, or plan your fitness goals for tomorrow, all on one page.

Create your training plan quickly

Forget the tedious work of planning regular weekly workouts one at a time, or ramping up distance goals in your build phase. Our tools let you quickly lay out an entire season of planned workouts.
Repeat planned workouts. Daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, any day of the week, a set number of times or until an end date.
Adjust time or distance goals. Up for your build, or down for your taper.

Achieve consistency and structure

With our workout library you can create workout templates targeted for specific phases of your plan, then simply drag-n-drop them into your calendar. If you’re a coach, you’ll appreciate how quickly you can plan your athlete’s schedule.

Monitor training volume across sports

Every calendar page includes a sidebar with handy graphical charts of training volume and sport mix percentages. See at a glance if you’re on target compared to past performance, whether you’re reviewing monthly, weekly or yearly history.

Stay on target and record failures

Once you’ve laid out your training season we make it easy to monitor performance to your plan. And if you do miss a workout, our daily diary feature lets you note injuries, schedule conflicts, or other issues that came up.

Got a coach?
Your coach can also leave daily training tips on your calendar.

Integrate with your mobile life

Our mobile-optimized website makes it easy to check your training schedule when you’re on the go and away from the office. You can also integrate your schedule with your iPhone or Google calendar, and even share with your coach.