Nov 14, 2014

Scheduling Workouts

New calendar features from SportTracks

If you are one of those of us who are fed up with setting up training plans because it's a pain in the rear, well, there's only one thing I can say: "Happy Friday!"

We are happy to announce two new tools to conquer procrastination: repeating workouts and calendar drag-and-drop.  First, planned workouts can have a schedule, including automatic goal adjustment. Second, you can make a new planned workout by simply dragging an existing workout on the calendar.

Nifty, eh?  Take a look below for demos and detailed explanation.

Add repeating workout

Adding a series of similar workouts to your training plan just got much easier.

  1. Enter the basics of your workout: Sport, start date and time and goal for distance, time or speed.
  2. Click the Repeat tab to specify how often you want the workout repeated and when it will end.

For repeating workouts you have two options: repeating each {x} number of days, or repeating weekly on certain days of the week. For example you can create a planned workout every 3 days, or 4 days. Or you can plan a workout every Monday, Wednesday, Friday on alternating weeks.

For either of these options you can specify the workout will end after a certain number of times, or you can set an ending date such as the start of your taper phase.

And lastly, we've added a goal adjustment option to increase or decrease the time or distance of your workouts. Planning your base building phase has never been easier.

Drag-n-drop copy

Adding repeating workouts is great if you're working towards a goal date or distance, or if you have an entire training plan or training phase mentally mapped out in your head. But what if you're planning week to week and just want to copy what you did last week with some small adjustments. Easy... now you can copy workouts (either planned workouts, or completed workouts) using drag and drop.

Advanced users will be thrilled to hear you can even drag across browser windows. Bring up two browsers - a calendar for this month, and a calendar from last season and you can quickly copy workouts from last season into your training plan.

And just like adding a planned workout you have the possibility to create repeating workouts.

We hope you enjoy these powerful new features to quickly create training plans.


Thanks for this!! this is so great. Made life easier.

Hi. This feature and workouts templates are very nice. I noticed that the creation is today and the future dates. Could be possible drag and drop workouts and templates to the past dates? For example, I use to create strength activities manually and several days post training. Thanks for your work. Sergio García

Will you add support for moving workouts from one day to another?

To move workouts now one first has to create a new identical workout on a different day, then delete the original. Multiple steps and clicks for both. This process is so tedious that planning far ahead is quite risky, as making changes is a lot of work.

You can easily move a workout by clicking it to edit the planned workout, then modifying the date.

Of course! Thx.

However, drag-n-drop would be nice :)

So am I missing something or should I assume that planned workouts don't make it over to my device and that I need to create that workout in the native software (in my case Garmin connect) as well?

Great question. Did you ever receive a reply?

Very helpful, thanks.

Can you delete a repeating workout on an aggregate level, rather than having to go into the calendar and delete each one separately?

how does one edit a recurring workout please

Yes I have the same question. Let's say you accidentally made a workout reoccurring for 12 months instead of three, or made the distance go down instead of up...not that I have done those things and then had to delete all of the workouts that were erroneous or anything. Not a huge deal, but editing a reoccurring workout (like changing a reoccurring event in Google Calendar) would be very handy

PLEASE! - Can somebody answer this question please ie. "how does one edit a recurring workout please?"
This is an absolute requirement but question was overlooked...
PS. Great App and very happy since I dropped Training Peaks however this feature is desperately needed!!!

Should drag and drop work on tablet? I just can't make it work.

I'm following a half marathon training calendar within Garmin Connect (GC).
Is it possible to import this entire training calendar into SportTracks?

I have experimented with adding planned activities i ST. Trying to replicate my training calendar in GC. When I do one of my exersises in the Garmin calendar they both show up in my ST calendar. AFAIK the both count in weekly summaries etc.
Is there a way to deal with these manually added exercises i ST to prevent ST to believe they both has been performed and added up in summaries?

Planned workouts are completely separate from actual completed workouts. For past weeks, your summary totals reflect only completed workouts. For future weeks your summary totals reflect only planned workouts.

You may want to read the more recent related blog posts as this is nearly 1.5 years old. If you have detailed questions that require a lengthly discussion you can also open a support ticket via email.

Sounds wise.
However the SportTracks Blog isn't easy to get a good and chronological overview of. Thematically they seem randomly sorted and I can't find anyway to search for postings on a certain issue. I am probably missing something...

PLEASE! - Can somebody answer this question please ie. "how does one edit a recurring workout please?"
This is an absolute requirement but question was overlooked...
PS. Great App and very happy since I dropped Training Peaks however this feature is desperately needed!!!