Jul 12, 2019

Sleep Phase Tracking

Analyze your sleep performance metrics from Garmin devices

Following on our update last month that added step and wellness tracking, we've now added detailed sleep metrics sync from your Garmin device, including information about sleep phases and wake times. One of the most popular feature requests on the SportTracks Uservoice forum has been been completed!

How to track sleep in SportTracks

To add the sleep charts to your health page make sure you're using a Garmin Device that tracks sleep, and click the "Customize" gear icon in the top right corner:

The "customize" icon on the Health page of SportTracks endurance sports software

Choose the size of the panel you want to add to your page, then select the gear icon on your new panel and select the "Sleep time" metric:

Adding the "Sleep time" metric from Garmin wearables to SportTracks fitness software

When the new sleep panel is added to your health page, it will display the total, daily average, and today's sleep time for the date range you have selected, with hover tips for any date you mouse over:

The weekly total, daily average, and today's sleep time from Garmin on SportTracks fitness software

You can view details for a particular night's sleep by clicking and dragging along a section of the graph and see your various sleep phases, including Deep, Light, REM, and Awake times. This data from Garmin is impressively accurate, and can be valuable for helping you understand the quality of your recovery, and how it impacts your performance. You can use the left and right arrows to page through nightly details:

The sleep time details chart from SportTracks endurance sports training software

The customization available on the health page lets you to arrange your sleep data alongside the metrics of your choosing. Instead of your sleep data being sequestered away on an isolated page away from your other health and training data, you have control of where it goes and what goes next to it, so you can see the bigger picture of your fitness more logically and efficiently.