Jul 11, 2014

Menu And Workout Page Updates

Next week we will be rolling out a few new beta features on SportTracks.mobi. We just can't contain our excitement and wanted to share a preview going into the weekend. Take a look:

Menu navigation changes

Our main menu gets a much needed cleanup of the workouts list, calendar, personal records features. The Calendar page now has it's own header menu.

The user menu now includes your profile photo, link to your personal records, and a new notification center link.

Workout List Upgrades

The workouts page has been completely rewritten from the ground up based on more than 20 customer generated requests:

The same filtering options you have in the Analysis page are now available here for those of you that want "just the numbers". You can sort by any column (including Effort!). Sport icons let you identify workouts at a glance. You can expand the list to include as many rows as you want on one page.

A big feature (which MANY users have asked for) is that all your options are remembered. So when you come back to this page you'll see the same filtered and sorted list. Very useful!

Here I've filtered my list to recent runs:

The rewrite lays the groundwork for more advanced features you'll see coming in July and August. I won't spoil the surprise... stay tuned for future announcements.


Great updates! Want them now!!

Excellent work - been looking forward to this being updated for a while. Looking good.

Great job. ;) One suggestion that would also help me, and I bet a lot of other trail runners as well - can you add a column for Ascent? It's a really important metric for trail running, but not available anyhwere in your analysis. I'll be thankful for your feedback. ;)

and a column for avg HR would be nice...

I second this.

You can see the columns we are adding in the next update at this post.

How do you see the Effort column....it doesn't show for me? Like this new screen a lot. Would be great to be able to sort by Avg Power as well.

I can up-load my devise (forerunner 305) to sportTrack but a can't up-date it to this Sporttrack.mobi. He can't find my devise. Do i have to connect him first somewere.

If you are a fan of the workout list view please see this page which lists the metrics we will be bringing you in the next update. We would love to get your feedback in the issue, or you can vote for it to add your support.


Do I need a different ID to access the UserVoice link? I seem to have to sign in again.

I get "Sorry, you don't have permission to access the Admin Console." when I hit that link and try to sign in

Just remove that "\admin" from the url he provided.

Apologies at my link paste fail. Here is the right link: http://sporttracks.uservoice.com/forums/201951-general/

Thanks...got my votes in now....