Jun 24, 2019

Activity Wellness Tracking

Integrated steps, active time, distance and calorie tracking from Garmin

This month we're launching improved wellness tracking in SportTracks, starting with integrated sync from Garmin Connect for steps, active time, distance, and calories burned from your activity tracker. When combined with your workouts, training and goals, wellness tracking can give you a better wholistic picture of your health.

To access these charts, go to your Health page and click the settings gear icon in any chart panel:

You can choose from the following values to show daily data:

  • Activity distance: Distance traveled by activity tracker
  • Activity level: Total time in active or highly active phases
  • Calories burned: Total calories from activity and BMR
  • Steps: Total steps counted by activity tracker

The summary chart will also display your weekly total and daily average from the last week, in addition to the total for today:

Data is updated as your watch gets synched to Garmin Connect. So the today total may be from yesterday if you haven't synched the activity tracker yet. If your activity tracker synchs throughout the middle of the day you may see a partial total up to the last synch time. This is normal and the daily totals will be updated later as new info comes from Garmin.

To show additional details for a day's activity, click and drag on any chart in the health page. Details for the region will be shown in a popup dialog.

Garmin tracks wellness data in 15 minute increments, so the detail chart shows totals for that time period throughout the day. You can click the next and previous arrows to move through each day.

If you're using SportTracks on multiple devices, remember we allow customization to each specific device, so you'll have to add charts to both your desktop and mobile browser.

Sleep tracking details are in the works - look for an update soon as we continue to support wellness data in SportTracks!


This is neat, thanks. I have years of Steps/activity data from Garmin Connect. But I am not showing anything in any of the graphs on my Health page after adding them (graphs are blank for steps/activity - but others from GC like Vo2max etc are showing). Is there a delay in pulling this information from GC?

Great question.

We've backfilled wellness data for those customers we have access to through Garmin Connect, which is most. Some older connections don't include wellness access.

If you don't see your wellness data from Garmin you may have to remove and re-add the Garmin Connect sync feature to trigger a backload of your history. Go to the My Account > Sharing page and remove Garmin Connect and add it back in. Leave the "Import all History" UNCHECKED. You should see your data within an hour.

Okay I have already done a backfill of my Garmin Activities a long time ago when I signed up for ST. Will this have any impact on that (I had to manually delete some duplicates - don't want to have to repeat that process!).

Hi - have you tried this yet? Wondering if the duplicates thing happens?

would be nice to to have a numeric field on the health data to store the calories consumed for a day so you could just manually enter and compare against the calories burned. Does the BMR come from Garmin as well?

Or link up with MFP?

Hi, this feature is great, thank you!
But it seems that a scale factor for calories burnt is not correctly calculated.
Please check the attached screenshot. I have never burnt calories even closer to 30000 a day.


Thank you.

For me, calories are scaled to 12500 per day, which is also to much for me...
Please fix this, right now it's not of much value.

I have the Vivoactive 3, and so far my steps graph is blank (I posed in the sleep article also). Is the Vivoactive 3 not supported for this upgrade?

I do not see steps or sleep - although everything shows up nicely in Garmin Connect. /Stefan

Me too.....no response from support

I am not seeing my steps on the online version but I have them on the ST3.

I don't see any of my health data from Garmin (RHR, Sleep, etc).